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Start shopping under the "Added August 2013" category in the left column, and you'll find rare Sarah Coventry pieces, including a TELEPHONE CHARM BRACELET that was a Fashion Show Director's award, December's LOVE STORY ring, amber and olivine rhinestone earrings from CANADA, FLOWER OF THE MONTH GLADIOLUS Sterling Silver pin for August, GALAXY opalescent rhinestone sputnik ring, color-changing MAGIC ICE cube ring, I AM A PROTESTANT medal necklace, and many more. Those of you who also love Avon can choose from vintage and brand new pieces.

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Artisan Jewelry

Jewelry designed and made by me. Every piece is unique.

Vintage Jewelry

Unless otherwise noted in an item's description, it is vintage and pre-owned. That means that practically all the jewelry you see here is at least 20 years old.

Cleaning and Polishing

Vintage jewelry offered will generally not require cleaning; if it does, it will be mentioned in the item's description. As many folks who enjoy vintage jewelry prefer the patina of age, I do not polish Sterling Silver jewelry.


Anything that is 20 to 80 years old is not "mint" or "perfect." Even brand new jewelry is not perfect! So, those terms won't be used to describe the vintage jewelry offered here. However, the vast majority of the jewelry is in very good to excellent condition. If an item has an issue (for example, a chipped stone, finish loss or plate loss), it will be noted in the item description.

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Cbd Vape Pen Necklaces

What is a CBD vape pen?

Vape pen is a short name for vaporizer pen. It is a type of electric cigarette. It comes in various sizes and ranges from a small sized standard pen to a large cigar sized vape pen. And there are different types of holders available in the market for such vape pens. They are called CBD vape pen necklaces. It is used for inhaling heated propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine that is the main ingredient.

The vape pen consists of a basic heating element using a battery. It heats up the cannabis oil which is mixed with a substance called propylene glycol in order to decrease viscosity. A Chinese pharmacist developed it and its rights are owned by Imperial Tobacco. The functioning of the vape pen is that it actually vaporizes the liquid into a gaseous state by using high-frequency ultrasonic vibration.

Components of a CBD vape pen

The different components of a vape pen are as follows:

Tank- It is the cannabis oil holder. It is a refillable tank or cartridges if intended for single use. Tanks are made up of polycarbonate plastic. Even glass and stainless steel tanks are available.

Atomizer- It is the little heater in the pen. The pint-sized heating element converts the liquid into tiny droplets. Atomising is actually vaping. And so atomiser is the most critical component of a vaper.

Sensors- There are several vape pens in the market which automatically turn on when the user inhales through them. This requires a sensor inside the pen.

Battery- Vape pen batteries provide enough current to power up a tiny heater that is the atomizer. And the heating rises up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit in a few seconds. So vape pens use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

All this comes in a vape pen. And that vape pen can be put in a fancy necklace and carried around wherever you go. It makes the vape pen even more portable.

Types of vapes

The type of vape depends upon the reason why one wants to use a vape pen.

Vape pens- Pen styled vapes are long which basically look like fancy pens. So they come in wide varieties of colours and styles. They are mainly used for recreational purposes. Vape pens come in various varieties and can be bought as per user’s choice. It also has various varieties in necklaces.

Cigarette styled vapes- These style of vapes are used if a person wants to quit smoking. It looks and feels similar to regular cigarettes. So that they can help in simulating the cigarette experience. Here the colours and styles are limited as compared to the vape pens.

All the vape pens are easy to carry around and hence portable. They require a holder that is also called a necklace.

Best CBD vape pen necklaces

There are several different types of necklaces available in the market:

Handmade pen necklace is made from beads. And each bead is a unique and vintage crystal. The beads are adjustable and can hold most types of slimmer pens.

A pen necklace made up of acrylic yarn. One can choose whichever colour he/she likes and yarn the necklace as per the colour. It can also be washed and is safe for warm machine wash. It should not be bleached or ironed. It can be used daily and is fun to carry around. Any size of vape pens can fit inside it and still, it retains its shape. It will be made especially for you once you order one.

Standard holders of leather are also available in the market. The vape pen can be kept inside the leather holder. The holder can be wrapped around the neck by to cool string it has also known as a tribal cord. It is a handmade item. Various prints of leather are available and can be customized. These holders are one of a kind and so making the holder special. It is made out of real leather and brass. Each holder will come with a special silver feather attached to it. It looks beautiful and is made sturdy to last long. It can fit any standard sized vape pens in it.

Colourful geometric chevron is also a vape pen case. It comes with lanyard and pocket. This holster is specifically made from high quality Italian black faux leather. One could even remove the strap and put the case in the pocket as per wish. There is also a small pocket in front of the holder. That could be used as a reading glasses holder. And the band is hand painted. Every piece is unique and hence not repeatable.

Vape sweaters are also cool options for holding the CBD vape pen. Mermaid tail shaped sweaters are also available in the market for the vaping mermaid. They are custom made and come in various colours and some complimentary prints made for the customers.

Leather seashell vape pen pouch necklace is also a handmade item. It is a must-have for any free-spirited vaper out there. It is made from upcycled leather suede and a natural seashell. It is a fashionable accessory and looks beautiful.

Vape pen holder with text printed on it is also preferred by customers. It also consists of little cotton fabric pocket on it. It can be gifted to a vaper as it is unisex.

Reasons Why We Should Not Buy Diamonds


Like their cost, there are a million reasons that can be stated why we should buy diamonds. These precious stones sure do hold a special place in everyone’s hearts.  It still remains a mystery how these diamonds so precious. And what made it mandatory for a guy to propose to a girl?  One thing is for sure when it comes to this topic most of the ladies are going to hate this to the core, and most of the guys are going to fall in love with it.

Here are some reasons why we should not buy diamonds

It is pure marketing

When we speak of diamonds, the first thing that comes to our mind is the proposal and engagement. The practice of using diamonds for engagement was never a tradition. It all started in the 1930’s. This idea was actually spread by a company that makes wedding rings called De Beers. Their marketing had so much impact that it made this semi-precious stone into a rare and expensive gem.

This is because of the large number of diamonds in the mines of South Africa. The demand for diamonds also increased. This made them one of the biggest diamond jewelry sellers in the world. The impact was so much that diamond became one the costly purchases that a man would make in his lifetime.

Diamonds are not rare

Get over the fact the fact that diamonds are rare. It was rare at a point because people didn’t have the technology to find them and unearth them. Some giants in the industry like De Beers and Machiavellian found so much diamonds in the mines in South Africa. The availability of diamonds was so much they literarily gained control over the entire supply. This made the decision makers. The deal with the Soviet Union to control diamond deposits in Siberia also gave them the complete authority over Diamonds.


The grading system

Until the 1960’s it was the size of the diamond that mattered. De Beers very able to sell diamonds for large amounts because of large amounts that they had. It was after the discovery of diamonds in the Soviet Union the grading system for diamonds started. They strategized it perfectly with marketing and thus made people that there are different qualities. The grading they said was based on the cut, quality, clarity, and color of the diamond.

They are not expensive

One of the biggest crimes that have been pulled out successful in the history of humanity is diamonds. For the sake of their own good, De Beers made people believe that is a rare and precious stone. They just didn’t stop there. Even though it was costly, they made sure that it became mandatory for engagements and proposals. It was never a tradition to have diamond rings in weddings or engagements. But it started kicking in the 1930’s. Diamonds were never expensive. The truth is we are made to believe that they are expensive.