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Artisan Jewelry

Jewelry designed and made by me. Every piece is unique.

Vintage Jewelry

Unless otherwise noted in an item's description, it is vintage and pre-owned. That means that practically all the jewelry you see here is at least 20 years old.

Cleaning and Polishing

Vintage jewelry offered will generally not require cleaning; if it does, it will be mentioned in the item's description. As many folks who enjoy vintage jewelry prefer the patina of age, I do not polish Sterling Silver jewelry.


Anything that is 20 to 80 years old is not "mint" or "perfect." Even brand new jewelry is not perfect! So, those terms won't be used to describe the vintage jewelry offered here. However, the vast majority of the jewelry is in very good to excellent condition. If an item has an issue (for example, a chipped stone, finish loss or plate loss), it will be noted in the item description.

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Jewelry marketing tips

digital marketing consultant

Getting started on Etsy can seem like a daunting task if you’re just now trying to jump on the booming Etsy train to sell your jewelry. By having the right techniques in place both for making the jewelry and for marketing, you may enjoy a greater number of sales and may find yourself wondering why you didn’t get started selling in your own Etsy jewelry niche sooner. Below, you can find some tips on getting the word out about your jewelry shop without necessarily needing to use a digital marketing consultant.

Advertising Campaigns on Social Media
What a digital marketing consultant can do for you, you sometimes can do for yourself if you know what you’re doing. In this case, you can take to Facebook to not only create targeted ads toward certain demographics such as location, gender and age, but you can also build a loyal following and offer special holiday discounts only to those who follow you. You can also run similar advertising campaigns on Instagram and even Twitter.

Conquer SEO
Perhaps the most important first step is to get a good grasp on SEO, or search engine optimization. Once you understand the ins and outs of getting your page to rank high on search engines like Google, you’ll notice a huge influx of visitors and potential new customers on your site. Then, it’s all about keeping them interested enough to buy.

Take Macro Photos
Because online shopping is so different than shopping in stores, having high quality, gorgeous photos that show off all of the details of your jewelry in clear definition is crucial. If you don’t have good photos that show off the details and what makes it so special, it won’t matter how high you rank in SEO or how effective your marketing campaigns are.

Be Your Own Model
Each person that you encounter in the street or in the shops could be a potential customer. Every day, put on a piece of your jewelry wherever you go, and if people compliment your jewelry, you can then thank them, hand them a business card and let them know that there is plenty more where that came from on your Etsy jewelry shop.

Donate to Charity
One of the best ways to getting someone’s attention is by showing you care about the same things they do. Creating an emotional bond by donating to charities that most people are interested in supporting is sure to drive sales, as they will also want to contribute in whatever way they can.

Tell Your Story
Speaking of emotional connections, one of the benefits of running your own shop is that behind the scene, you are a human being, not a corporation. Let people connect with you, to who you are and to your reasons for creating your jewelry as it will also give them a stronger connection to the work you produce itself.

With these tips, you should be able to work out a solid framework toward creating an Etsy jewelry shop that will be a huge success.

Drew Brees 6.1M jewelry lawsuit award increased

law firm

High-end jewelry appraisers can provide valuable services to people who own diamonds and jewelry or are in the process of buying diamonds and jewelry.

First, the high-end jewelry appraiser can identify your jewelry as to the material, quality, artistry, condition, and other characteristics that influence the item’s value. For example, diamonds that appear similar to the eye can vary in terms of color, clarity, cut, fluorescence, measurements, and durability. These are all factors that uniquely identify one diamond from another and can cause the value of one stone to be more than double that of another, even if they are identical to the unaided eye.

Second, the jewelry high-end jewelry can estimate the value of the jewelry item. The definition of value can vary depending on the purpose of the appraisal. For example, an appraisal value could be quite different if the goal is 1) selling the item, 2) purchasing an item from a retailer, 3) ensuring the item after purchase, 4) settling an estate, 5) distributing property in a divorce, or as an expert witness in a lawsuit.

Third, the high-end jewelry appraiser is a witness to the existence of the property. This is important in the process of filing an insurance claim for the loss of an item where proof might be required that the jewelry existed at a certain point in time and was in a certain condition. This is why a law firm should insist on examining the jewelry item when updating an insurance appraisal.

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees has been awarded damages over $6 million in the lawsuit he filed against a San Diego-area jeweler that Brees claimed sold him excessively overpriced diamonds.
Brees and his wife alleged that Vihad Moradi of CJ Charles Jewelers lied to them about the value of diamonds, which they said they bought as an investment. The Breeses testified that Mihada told them the diamonds were valued at over $15 million when they were not. The Superior Court jury awarded $6,130,767 in the case, per the San Diego Union-Tribune. “It was our position that Mr. Moradi breached his fiduciary duty, and that’s essentially what the jury said,” attorney Andrew Kim stated, per the Union-Tribune. “They saw Mr. Moradi for exactly what he is: a grifter and a confidence man.”


Brees and his wife were not present in court when the verdict was read, but they each testified during the two-week trial. For his part, Moradi denied the allegations. As noted by Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, Moradi’s attorney has already declared an intention to appeal the verdict, so the $6 million-plus will not be in the Breeses’ hands right away. This process will likely continue to play out in the courts for several more months.

What Does the Lawsuit Say Exactly?
The lawsuit claims that Harris Jewelry engaged in “illegal, fraudulent, and deceptive” conduct when it entered into financing agreements with and sold jewelry to active-duty servicemembers. Specifics on the suit’s allegations can be read below. Lastly, the lawsuit claims Harris has received numerous complaints from consumers about the quality of its jewelry.

The suit says the most common problems are:

  • Chains breaking
  • Jewelry turned skin green
  • Stones fell out With regard to the last issue, the suit claims some people had their jewelry repaired, only to have the gems fall out “again and again.”

How Could a law firm Help?
If a class action is filed and is successful, service members may be able to get back any extra money they paid out due to Harris Jewelry’s allegedly illegal and deceptive conduct. It could also change the way the company operates and prevent other people from being duped by Harris Jewelry’s marketing.

History of Poison Rings

poison ring

Throughout history, there have been devastating and innovative ways for people to assassinate their enemies. Most of which have been used for a long period of time and have caused societies to live in a scared state because of the worrisome nature of a “subtle murder”.

Another commonality throughout history is the usage of jewelry. Although this might seem hard to believe today, jewelry was once heavily relied on as something more than aesthetic appeal. Examples such as eliminating evil spirits, creating positive energy, and for assassination purposes.

During the Middle Ages and throughout the 16th century, one of the most common ways of assassination was with a poison ring. A ring that is exactly what a person might expect it to be; a ring with a secret compartment of poison.

The functionality of these rings varied depending on the timeframe, what they were made out of, when they were first used, when they were most commonly used, and much more.

What is it?
As noted, a poison ring is a ring that often had a secret compartment in it with poison. The poison was most commonly used as a way to pour poison into someone’s dink, and upon consumption, the person would be killed or knocked unconscious. Other than that, the poison would be kept as a way for someone on the run from the law to commit suicide in an emergency situation. Sort of like they’d rather be dead than deal with the punishment of their actions.

The type of poison varied depending on the intention of the person with the ring on. If they were instructed to or had the intention of killing a specific person, then the poison would be more deadly. If they were instructed to kidnap or take a person for questioning or torture, then the poison would only be strong enough to knock the person unconscious.

Although not as common, in some cases, the ring itself had a form of poison directly on it. Meaning that the wearer of the ring is who was intended to be harmed. This was more commonly done as a way for the perpetrator to avoid any form of punishment. This is due to the fact that this method was often mistaken as suicide instead of a potential murder.

However, it was a lot more difficult to make the intended target “wear” a ring, than it is to sneakily pour something into their drink from a secret compartment. Thus, the reason why the other method was more common, despite the slightly higher possibility of the true intention being revealed. This is also why this method of a ring with poison directly on it is much rarer compared to a ring with a compartment of poison. These rings were also referred to as pillbox rings. Other than the difference in name, a pillbox ring served the exact same purpose.

What are they made out of?
The material of the actual ring is similar to what a normal ring is made out of. Material such as gold, silver, diamond, and several other types of materials were very common for jewelry throughout history.

As for the actual secret compartment, the larger the stone or top to it is, the larger the container can be to hold the poison. Depending on how much poison and what kind of poison affect the actual size of the stone or top to the ring is.

Rings built like this didn’t just hold poison. If they weren’t meant to hold poison, they were used to have a little bit of flesh, hair, an artifact, and other forms of materials that were close to the person wearing the ring.

They were essentially meant as a way for a person to “carry” something close and near to them. But they were also used as a way to assassinate or eliminate someone very easily. The poison itself can come in many different forms. It can come as a liquid, powder, or as a pill. All depending on the designated purpose of the poison such as the overall lethality.

During the most popular time for poison rings, rings, in general, were usually made out of copper-based alloys; material such as gold or silver. As noted, certain gems became popular at the same time because of the certain belief in each gem holding a different power. In simple terms, a ring of this type looks just like a regular ring. The only difference with them compared to normal rings is the secret compartment that can allow the ability to carry poison in them.

When were they first used?
As noted, these types of rings have been around for a long time. The earliest examples of these rings have been dated back to as early as ancient Asia and India. They became more common as the popularity of rings increased and different people throughout history realized the advantages of using one.

One of the most famous cases of a poison ring being used was by Lucrezia Borgia. Borgia was the daughter of Pope Alexander VI during the renaissance in Italy. Borgia utilized the rings as a way to eliminate her and her family’s enemies.

Although none of these claims are 100-percent proven, the Borgia family often threw parties that involved high-profile acts such as the murder and poisoning of others. Thus the reason why Lucrezia Borgia was often thought of as a person who would seduce and later poison her victims.

Other notable acts of this nature were done by the Carthaginian soldier Hannibal. In 183 B.C., Hannibal ingested poison from his own ring. Unlike Borgia, Hannibal did this intentionally to harm himself and not others. A prime example of this method was done by Marquis DE Condorcet. Condorcet was a mathematician and philosopher who had progressive beliefs during a time when progressive wasn’t the norm. His ideas were eventually used as the basis for the Age of Enlightenment.

Basically, in order to avoid punishment and the guillotine, Condorcet ingested poison from his ring and died from the incident. Since these types of rings have been around for such a long period of time, there are numerous examples of people using them for a variety of reasons. The most common being murder, suicide, and kidnapping.

When were they most commonly used?
Although these rings have been used throughout history, they raised to popularity during the middle ages in Europe and furthered their popularity during the 16th century of Europe. The middle ages began after the fall of the Western Roman Empire. This period is deemed as what lead to the Renaissance and the Age of Discovery. However, with any period of future enlightenment, it comes with a period of resentment and evil acts.

Without sounding too ridiculous, desperate times called for desperate measures. For example, the breakup of empires, churches, the black plague, the seeking of power, societal classes, and much more lead to people wanting to come up with different ways of eliminating their enemies.

Thus, the reason why these types of rings began to be more popular throughout this time period. Since wine was one the most common beverages, people would either invite their designated victim over for wine or follow them and poison the beverage when they weren’t looking. The Assassin Creed series depicted acts like these throughout their video game franchise, and other than the fictional side of the video games, they weren’t far off on the reality of how people were assassinated sneakily back then.

After the middle ages, the rings were still used for similar methods. People who were against modern art-movements, wanted power, or for a plethora of other reasons demanded for the usage of these rings.

Are they still used today?
Today, these rings aren’t as common since relic looking rings aren’t entirely normal for people to wear. If someone of power sees someone with a large ring on, they’d more than likely question the person and what the ring is.

However, this doesn’t mean there haven’t been cases with these rings. It’s just nowhere near as common as they once were. A lot of people will buy a “poison ring” for aesthetic appeal, but they don’t serve the same purpose as they once were.

Since these rings use to be very common in Europe during the 5th to 16th century, in some places it’s considered rude if you pour wine a certain way with your ring showing. This actually dates back to a time when rings caused a worrisome nature of the intention behind them.

Poison rings were an important piece of jewelry for people to use at one time. Although they’re not as popular today, they’re still heavily looked at as the main cause of certain events throughout history.

Cleaning a nose piercing

saline nasal spray

Piercing has been a trend in most parts of the world for many years now. It can instantly make you look chic and cool. Girls love to have a nose piercing and rock the antique jewelry. However, that is not about it. You need to clean the nose piercing as well. Most importantly, you cannot leave it that way for weeks and months. It requires cleaning daily. The nose is a sensitive part of your body. You need to be careful about the way you need to take care of it.

Do you know how can you clean the nose piercing? Well, for most of the amateurs who do not understand the way nose piercing can be cleaned, this article will help. If you are looking for the method to clean your nose piercing, you should continue reading.

One of the basic methods to clean your nose piercing is to use the saline nasal spray.

  • All you need to do is to remove the antique jewelry that you have been wearing.
  • Wash your hands so that you do not transfer any germs. Make sure your hands are clean and dry.
  • The next thing you need to do is to prepare the saline solution. If you do not want to make a saline solution, you can use the saline nasal spray. Saline is a great way to kill germs and bacteria. It will not only clean the piercing but will also keep you safe from infection.
  • The next thing you can do is to get a cotton ball. Soak it in the saline spray. It will make it easier to apply the nose solution on the nose.
  • Now, dab it on the piercing and let it dry.
  • See it was that simple. Make sure you repeat the process two times a day to keep your nose piercing clean. Moreover, if the piercing is fresh, you need to be careful even more. When it is fresh, it is more likely to catch infections and bacteria.
  • Lastly, you need to do one other thing. If you want to speed up the process of healing, you can use the lavender oil. You need to put some on the cotton swab. Apply it on and over the nose piercing. It will help your nose piercing in quick and better healing. Moreover, the moisture will keep it safe from drying out. This way you will not feel the itching.

These are a few steps you need to take after you have gotten your nose pierced. When it is fresh, it requires care. Once it is properly healed, you can rock the antique jewelry anytime you want without worrying.

Essential oil jewelry

essential oil diffuser
essential oils

Essential oils are hailed as the most beneficial substance when it comes to ranking natural elements in order of their benefits. There are innumerable ways of putting these essential oils to use; starting from diluting them with other oils and liquids to using them through a diffuser. However, if you have not been aware of the prospects of these oils in the aromatherapy, then here is a chance for you to widen your knowledge. Aromatherapy includes a diffuser in form of a jewelry piece that contains a few drops of your favorite essential oil flavor blended with them. Even if the designs differ they are all furnished with a material that absorb these essential oils and retain them for long. The essential oil diffuser do not depend on another liquid for its propagation like its conventional form; here the aroma reaches and is absorbed by your body through the medium
of air.

The right way to use essential oil jewelry

essential oils

Essential oil jewelries mostly use lava beads as they have a lot of open pores around its body allowing the oils to diffuse with utmost simplicity in them. Lava beads are being used by people since the ancient ages as they have been often associated with the tendency to balance one’s emotions thereby bringing about calmness and strength. The pores of the lava beads trap both the essence and molecules of the oils and its heat source allows the activation of the benefits of the essential oils to linger throughout the day.

Benefits of essential oil jewelry

  • The list of health advantages that can be derived from a piece of essential oil jewelry seems endless; nevertheless, we have tried narrowing them down to a few definite ones. Firstly, when these oils reach your body through methods of topical application, they can relieve pain, body aches and nausea by a great extent. Furthermore, if you have an meeting to attend for instance, and you are aware that there are chances for it evoke stressful situations, wearing the essential oil jewelry will reduce the elevated levels of agitation anxiety thereby making way for a clear mind and enhanced confidence. All in all, the power of the essential oils to readily improve one’s mood and emotional threshold is unmatched.
  • Apart from the health benefits, the jewelries allow you to get access to the essential oils at any time, anywhere. It ensures that your body is constantly supplied with the crucial doses of the oil at all times irrespective of your surroundings.

essential oils
  • Additionally, with essential oil jewelry, you can kiss the toxic perfumes goodbye by replacing them with a natural flavors . Synthetic perfumes available in the market are mostly packed with harmful chemicals that can ruin your skin in the long run and cause respiratory disorders. Nonetheless, with the essential oil diffusers, this is not the case. Not only will you have the opportunity to change your fragrances every other day, but also steer away from the big bucks that you would have otherwise spent while procuring the perfumes.

Best Apps for Buying Jewelry

Jewelry Apps

Visiting the physical market to buy or window-shop stunning jewelry is a thing of the past. Nowadays, all you need is your smartphone or tablet computer running either iOS or Android. You can install a jewelry mobile app in your smartphone to enhance your jewelry customization and buying experience. These apps are user-friendly and extremely helpful for any jewelry lover.

Following are some of the best mobile apps for buying jewelry:

  • Brian Gavin Diamond App

If you are into stylish loose diamond rings, then this app is highly recommended for you. On this app, you gain access to a huge collection of fine jewelry. Brian Gavin Diamond mobile app basically links you with the Brian Gavin’s team that is ready to help you find and choose the best-in-class designs of diamond jewelry. No matter whether you are looking for a necklace or some other piece of jewelry, you will find this app quite enjoyable to use. Brian Gavin Diamond app makes it easy for you to search and browse loose diamonds, check recent updates and news, find amazing offers, and choose customized options.

Jewelry Apps
  • FLP Jewelry App

FLP Jewelry app is for you if you like hand-crafted jewelry pieces. FLP Jewelry mobile app brings a huge selection of fine jewelry showcasing unique designs and varied styles. If you find a piece that suits your taste and matches your personality, then you can go right ahead and place the order as its quite easy to do thanks to the shopping cart feature of the app. You can buy your favorite piece instantly via the purchase button.

Jewelry Apps
  • Kay Jewelers

Kay Jewelers is one of the top specialty jewelry brands of the United States. The Kay Jewelers app allows you to take a look inside the offline store and browse wide variety of fine jewelry pieces. With Kay Jewelers app, you can ship your favorite fine jewelry right from your smartphone. The overall interface of the app is user-friendly which makes it easy for you to find and choose what you consider the best. Apart from this, you can even determine your ring size thanks to the amazing ring sizer feature of this mobile app. Simply browse, choose, and buy all from the app. You don’t need to visit a physical Kay Jeweler store. Still, if you want to visit it, then you can use the app’s built-in store locator feature.

Jewelry Apps
  • Voylla: Fashion Jewelry Shopping App

Voylla: Fashion Jewelry Shopping app has gained a lot of popularity since its release. This is because the app allows you to browse more than 45,000 fine jewelry designs in addition to choosing the different filters during search. Thanks to these filters and customizations, you will find exactly what you are looking for e.g. bangles, chains, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc. Simply specify what you want to buy and the mobile app will provide you with numerous applicable options. The app is user-friendly, responsive, and secure as any piece of jewelry you buy is ordered through a secure payment provider.

Beautiful Persian Jewelry

General Information and Facts About Beautiful Persian Jewelry

The Old Persian Empire occupied what’s now Afghanistan and Iran. It is a territory made up of an array of various types of land typography including deserts, valleys, pastures, and mountains. Archaeologists have discovered jewelry from this empire in an archaeological site in Iran called the Burnt City (B.C). Many of the jewelry dates as far back as the third millennium. However, another archaeological site in northern Afghanistan called Tepe Tillya, a.k.a “The Golden Hill” is a collection of different ancient tombs. However, this site has the distinction of being one of old Persia’s most important archaeological sites. An abundance of artifacts, particularly ancient Persian jewelry, have been observed or discovered there dating back to the 1st century BC. Moreover, it was typical for a person to be buried with their best valued jewels, so the wealthier you were then, the more jewels you will bury with. Furthermore, gold necklaces with bracelets, gemstones, clasps, earrings, pendants, rings, crowns were just some of the 25,000 ornamental artifacts that were discovered at the site.

The Persians, especially women, were known for their love of jewelry. They’d get a special affection for emeralds, diamonds, and other gemstones. Also, because of their religious beliefs, women in ancient Persia didn’t show any skin in public, so they decided or opted to save their favorite jewelry for events that took place at home, like family gatherings.

Although, jewelry and Gemstones have been a part of humankind since before history was written. It began when time started, and man first walked on Earth. Of course, the beautiful Persian jewelry they wore in the old days was not made as people make it today. The ancient people wore beautiful Persian jewelry made of bones, shells, feathers, and colored pebbles.

However, the artisans who crafted the jewelry of this era were well-trained and talented. They were able to produce intricate or daedal yet delicate jewelry without any modern tools. They made everything from bracelets and necklaces to finger rings, hairpins and anklets in both silver and gold.

Moreover, wealthy people often wore gold with carvings of animal heads, mythological creatures, or certain types of plants. For instance, bracelets were made open-ended, rather than incomplete circles, and at each end, you would often or usually find an engraving of the head of either a lion, ram, deer, or snake, goose.

Beautiful Persian Jewelry Headpieces

A tadji or diadem was a type of headpiece worn by Persian women on rare occasions. A woman’s hair was parted and cleave in the middle and pulled back and then tied in a knot at the cervix or nape of the neck. Also, this unique headpiece was worn on top of this particular hairstyle. On occasions that didn’t require such extravagance, a slightly more simplistic headpiece knows as a nim tadji was worn instead. This gold headband was decorated with either pearls or gemstones and diamonds.

Persia’s Great Table Diamond

The “Great Table” diamond was found in what’s now Iran by Jean-Baptiste Tavernier a Frenchman in 1640. This pale diamond is one of Iran’s high prized crown jewels weighing in at approximately 220 carats. It’s a “table-cut” diamond, and it’s virtually flawless. The Fat’hh Ali Shah, the second emperor of Persia, one of many to have had possession of the diamond, had his name carved on one side of this magnificent stone. His name was one of four engraved on the stone alongside with Nisim Shah and Akbar Shah. Since the early 18th century, its whereabouts were no longer known, but it believed that it was cut into various smaller diamonds.

Cbd Vape Pen Necklaces

What is a CBD vape pen?

Vape pen is a short name for vaporizer pen. It is a type of electric cigarette. It comes in various sizes and ranges from a small sized standard pen to a large cigar sized vape pen. And there are different types of holders available in the market for such vape pens. They are called CBD vape pen necklaces. It is used for inhaling heated propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine that is the main ingredient.

The vape pen consists of a basic heating element using a battery. It heats up the cannabis oil which is mixed with a substance called propylene glycol in order to decrease viscosity. A Chinese pharmacist developed it and its rights are owned by Imperial Tobacco. The functioning of the vape pen is that it actually vaporizes the liquid into a gaseous state by using high-frequency ultrasonic vibration.

Components of a CBD vape pen

The different components of a vape pen are as follows:

Tank- It is the cannabis oil holder. It is a refillable tank or cartridges if intended for single use. Tanks are made up of polycarbonate plastic. Even glass and stainless steel tanks are available.

Atomizer- It is the little heater in the pen. The pint-sized heating element converts the liquid into tiny droplets. Atomising is actually vaping. And so atomiser is the most critical component of a vaper.

Sensors- There are several vape pens in the market which automatically turn on when the user inhales through them. This requires a sensor inside the pen.

Battery- Vape pen batteries provide enough current to power up a tiny heater that is the atomizer. And the heating rises up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit in a few seconds. So vape pens use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

All this comes in a vape pen. And that vape pen can be put in a fancy necklace and carried around wherever you go. It makes the vape pen even more portable.

Types of vapes

The type of vape depends upon the reason why one wants to use a vape pen.

Vape pens- Pen styled vapes are long which basically look like fancy pens. So they come in wide varieties of colours and styles. They are mainly used for recreational purposes. Vape pens come in various varieties and can be bought as per user’s choice. It also has various varieties in necklaces.

Cigarette styled vapes- These style of vapes are used if a person wants to quit smoking. It looks and feels similar to regular cigarettes. So that they can help in simulating the cigarette experience. Here the colours and styles are limited as compared to the vape pens.

All the vape pens are easy to carry around and hence portable. They require a holder that is also called a necklace.

Best CBD vape pen necklaces

There are several different types of necklaces available in the market:

Handmade pen necklace is made from beads. And each bead is a unique and vintage crystal. The beads are adjustable and can hold most types of slimmer pens.

A pen necklace made up of acrylic yarn. One can choose whichever colour he/she likes and yarn the necklace as per the colour. It can also be washed and is safe for warm machine wash. It should not be bleached or ironed. It can be used daily and is fun to carry around. Any size of vape pens can fit inside it and still, it retains its shape. It will be made especially for you once you order one.

Standard holders of leather are also available in the market. The vape pen can be kept inside the leather holder. The holder can be wrapped around the neck by to cool string it has also known as a tribal cord. It is a handmade item. Various prints of leather are available and can be customized. These holders are one of a kind and so making the holder special. It is made out of real leather and brass. Each holder will come with a special silver feather attached to it. It looks beautiful and is made sturdy to last long. It can fit any standard sized vape pens in it.

Colourful geometric chevron is also a vape pen case. It comes with lanyard and pocket. This holster is specifically made from high quality Italian black faux leather. One could even remove the strap and put the case in the pocket as per wish. There is also a small pocket in front of the holder. That could be used as a reading glasses holder. And the band is hand painted. Every piece is unique and hence not repeatable.

Vape sweaters are also cool options for holding the CBD vape pen. Mermaid tail shaped sweaters are also available in the market for the vaping mermaid. They are custom made and come in various colours and some complimentary prints made for the customers.

Leather seashell vape pen pouch necklace is also a handmade item. It is a must-have for any free-spirited vaper out there. It is made from upcycled leather suede and a natural seashell. It is a fashionable accessory and looks beautiful.

Vape pen holder with text printed on it is also preferred by customers. It also consists of little cotton fabric pocket on it. It can be gifted to a vaper as it is unisex.

Reasons Why We Should Not Buy Diamonds


Like their cost, there are a million reasons that can be stated why we should buy diamonds. These precious stones sure do hold a special place in everyone’s hearts.  It still remains a mystery how these diamonds so precious. And what made it mandatory for a guy to propose to a girl?  One thing is for sure when it comes to this topic most of the ladies are going to hate this to the core, and most of the guys are going to fall in love with it.

Here are some reasons why we should not buy diamonds

It is pure marketing

When we speak of diamonds, the first thing that comes to our mind is the proposal and engagement. The practice of using diamonds for engagement was never a tradition. It all started in the 1930’s. This idea was actually spread by a company that makes wedding rings called De Beers. Their marketing had so much impact that it made this semi-precious stone into a rare and expensive gem.

This is because of the large number of diamonds in the mines of South Africa. The demand for diamonds also increased. This made them one of the biggest diamond jewelry sellers in the world. The impact was so much that diamond became one the costly purchases that a man would make in his lifetime.

Diamonds are not rare

Get over the fact the fact that diamonds are rare. It was rare at a point because people didn’t have the technology to find them and unearth them. Some giants in the industry like De Beers and Machiavellian found so much diamonds in the mines in South Africa. The availability of diamonds was so much they literarily gained control over the entire supply. This made the decision makers. The deal with the Soviet Union to control diamond deposits in Siberia also gave them the complete authority over Diamonds.


The grading system

Until the 1960’s it was the size of the diamond that mattered. De Beers very able to sell diamonds for large amounts because of large amounts that they had. It was after the discovery of diamonds in the Soviet Union the grading system for diamonds started. They strategized it perfectly with marketing and thus made people that there are different qualities. The grading they said was based on the cut, quality, clarity, and color of the diamond.

They are not expensive

One of the biggest crimes that have been pulled out successful in the history of humanity is diamonds. For the sake of their own good, De Beers made people believe that is a rare and precious stone. They just didn’t stop there. Even though it was costly, they made sure that it became mandatory for engagements and proposals. It was never a tradition to have diamond rings in weddings or engagements. But it started kicking in the 1930’s. Diamonds were never expensive. The truth is we are made to believe that they are expensive.