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Top Etsy Essential CBD Oils Diffuser Rings

In this 21st century, the life has become so fast that there is hardly any time for any one to go to the relaxation centers such as yoga centers and others. However, we all know that how important it is for us to have a good health in order to perform our tasks more efficiently. Fortunately, getting the membership of the relaxation centers and joining the yoga center is not the only solution to this problem. There are CBD oil diffusers that can help you to stay in a good state of mind which will definitely affect positively on your health and beauty.

Those who don’t know what CBD oil diffusers are, will come to know about them in this article. We will also include some of the essential CBD oil diffuser rings in this article that you can get and can enjoy the therapy that you always wanted. Essential CBD oil diffusers are basically considered as the sign of the essence of the health and beauty. This is a traditional method that is basically known as aromatherapy and it uses herbs, inhales or smoke to heal the aliments. There was a time when these CBD oils were used as a medicines by the ancient civilizations and in some parts of the world they are still used for the same purpose. But today, they have managed to inject these CBD oils in to the rings and other jewelry that can act same as the medicine. The difference is that you just have to wear the ring rather than swallowing the medicine.

But how CBD oil diffusers work, is another important question that most of the people ask. What essential CBD oils does is that they enhance the environment and surroundings by the fragrance of herbal and essential CBD oils which then acts as an aromatherapeutic application. However, the type of the diffuser can be different as some uses the heat and some of them don’t use the heat. But whatever method is used, the goal is to create an aroma that helps your mind to relax. Let’s have a quick look at the benefits of using the essential CBD oil diffusers before moving towards the list of the CBD oil diffuser rings.

Benefits of using essential CBD oil diffusers:

  • The essential CBD oil diffusers purify and disinfects the air from all kind of viruses, bacteria and pathogens. It is quite obvious that the purifies air will cause less health concerns and will have a positive impact on the body.
  • As it is an application of the aroma therapy, it will set the mood and will impact positively on the mind.
  • Once you have the positive state of mind due to this aroma therapy, you will start getting help in focusing and concentrating on your work.
  • You will hardly experience any kind of anxiety of stress when you are in the environment of these essential CBD oil diffusers.
  • Other then any positive energy and vibes, you can always enjoy the sweet fragrance in your house and work environment.

There are different ways to get the aroma through the CBD oil diffusers and CBD oil diffuser ring is one of them. We have crafted a list of some of the best CBD oil diffuser rings that you can consider for yourself and even for your family members. Lets have a look at some of the best essential CBD oil diffuser rings.

Lava Rock Aromatherapy Ring:

Lava Rock Aromatherapy Ring

The first in our list is the handmade, lava rock aromatherapy ring. We know that there are number of people that are obsessed with the black the black color and that is why getting this ring will help you to have the satisfaction of mind that you always wanted. The ring is made up of sterling silver and then the black lava rock stone is attached to the top. The overall size of the ring is 7.5 whereas the measurement of the stone is 12 x 12 mm. That means the rock at the top is quite visible and will definitely be effective in performing the tasks that it supposed to do. The ring can be shipped to your home for $29.00 only.

Hidden Compartment 18k White Gold Diamond Filigree Ring:
Hidden Compartment 18k White Gold Diamond Filigree Ring

The next essential CBD oil diffuser ring in our list is a white gold diamond filigree ring. The obsession for white is as much strong as the black and when it is combined to the gold, the ring becomes very hard to resist. The ring is crafted of 18k white gold and with the delicate filigree and diamonds that hides the secret compartment. The original size of the ring is six and the ring can only be sized up or down a one size because it is too delicate in nature. Th ring weighs 14.49 grams and it can be one of the best premium rings for your collection and daily use. The price of the ring is $1599.99 which seems to be expensive, but it worth every single penny without any doubt.

Funky Handmade Sterling Silver Diffuser Ring:

Third in our list is a casual sterling silver ring that can be used for the aroma therapy purposes. Being a casual ring, this handmade ring allows you to enjoy the aroma while you are on the go. The ring can be wear to any occasion or event and all you have to do is to add 1 or 2 essential CBD oil drops on the ring and to let it soak. The ring has the ability to hold the scent for a day or two. There are different sizes available in the ring which means that all of you can have a piece of this ring. Even the price of the ring is on the low side and you can get this ring delivered to your house for $50.00 only. Furthermore, there is an option to modify the ring by adding the details which makes this ring further desirable.

Wood Essential CBD oil Diffuser Ring:

This is one of the slimmest CBD oil diffuser ring that you can have. The wood piece at the top of the ring makes it eye catching and the best part is that this ring is specially designed for the aroma therapy purposes. The ring can hold the scent for about 8 hours or more and you can also adjust the ring according to your use. The band of the ring is made from 925 silver that is lead and nickel free and the wood piece is 15mm round. The wood used in the ring is not sprayed with the chemicals and that is why the wood pieces have their own unique color and characteristics. The ring can be shipped to house for 35 dollars only.

ENERGY CRYSTAL Natural Volcanic Lava Stone Sterling Silver RING:

Last in our list is another lava rock ring but this time the color of the is silver grey. It is a .925 Sterling Silver Natural Volcanic Lava Ring and it weighs 7.2 grams only. This calming stone is known for promoting positive changes where needed in behavioral issues and it also enhances the fertility. The ring can be shipped to home for 29 dollars only and it is one of the best rings that you can ever have for yourself.

Most Expensive Pieces of Jewellery in the world

For most of us, jewellery is just an expression of beauty while for others it might be an obsession to have the most expensive piece of stone in their hand. If you happen to see the movie Blood Diamond, you will know the pain of getting that one piece of stone. Diamond trades are very much alive today, and it has been active since ancient times. Luxurious stones have been passed down to generations and also have been sold for a huge sum of money. The following are some of the most expensive pieces of jewellery in the world:

The Graff Pink:


The Graff Pink is one of the most expensive pieces of jewellery in the whole world, and the jewellery was sold for about $46 million in the year 2010. The Graff Pink is a type 2 colour diamond, and it was sold to Laurence Graff. The Graff Pink was originally owned by Harry Winston, and he remained quite private about the possession about this diamond, but later when Laurence Graff bought the diamond, he renamed it as Graff Pink.

The Hope Diamond:

Hope Diamond is worth approximately $200 to 250 million. It was initially discovered in Golconda in India in the year 1666. The diamond has been passed on to many hands. They say that King Louis XIV had possession of it and called it the French Blue, the diamond remained in the French kingdom for many years and it was then stolen during the French Revolution. Later it was found in the hands of Henry Philip Hope which and after passing several other hands, Harry Winston finally bought it and he donated it to the Smithsonian Institution, where it is left for display for the people to see.

Chopard’s Blue Diamond Ring:

The blue diamond ring is a beautiful piece of jewellery and is also one of the most expensive ornaments in the world. The blue diamond is about 9 carats, and it is mounted on white gold which is about 18 carats. The ring also has triangular clear cut diamonds placed on the side of the blue diamond. The rare beauty is currently valued at about $16 million.

Blue Moon of Josephine:

In the year 2015, a billionaire in Hong Kong purchased a diamond ring at an auction for about $48 million. He renamed it as Blue Moon of Josephine after his daughter who was seven years old at that time. The diamond ring was for about 12.03 carats, and it was taken from the Cullinan mine in South America.

Heart of the Ocean:

Heart of the Ocean is one of the most recognised pieces of jewellery in the world. It was a replica of the necklace that was featured in the movie Titanic. The jewellery was worn by Gloria Stuart (the lady who played the elderly Rose in the movie) in the Academy Awards in the year 1998.


How to make bead jewellery

Jewellery is something which brings out the beauty and style in everyone. Wearing jewellery makes you feel and look good but making your own jewellery brings out the creativity in you. Making your own jewellery is one of the most fun things to do, and you can bring about your personal style and taste. Jewellery making is not quite as hard as it sounds, in fact, you can make them in your home. Continue reading this article to learn how to make bead jewellery:

Things needed:

Before you get started there are certain things which are needed for bead jewellery making. Make sure that you have some beads, thread, crimp beads, closures, super glue and a wire cutter. You can get these things in the local market and depending on the jewellery you are going to make you need to make the necessary adjustments. For example, if you are making a necklace, you might want to consider the length of the thread. If you want to have a long necklace, then you will need a longer thread and the necessary beads.

Make the alignment:

Before you put your beads in the thread, it will be good if you arrange the beads on a flat surface and see how it looks. If you are satisfied with the layout, you can go ahead with inserting the beads in the thread.

Sliding the bead into the string:

Before transferring the layout which you have designed you need to slide the crimping bead to make your necklace secure. Now place the end of the clasp on the crimping bead. Now you can go ahead to slide all your beads onto the thread one by one until you have nothing left.


Once you are done with sliding all the beads into the string, you need to use a clasp section and the bead-crimp. Make sure that you do not pull the string too tight so that it will not create tension in the string. When you have more tension in the string, it might break after a while. Once you are done with that, make sure to cut off all the extra strings in your bead necklace.


The above is an example to make a bead necklace; you can try out many things and bring out your creativity. You can also make bead earrings, bracelets and anklets.  Bead bracelets and anklets will have the same procedure with minor modifications. The length of the string will vary, and you will have to use a different set of beads which will make you feel comfortable.

Bead jewellery making can also be an excellent hobby, and as you practise, you will become an expert in it and the time you take to make the jewellery will reduce. So go out there, get your beads and make your bead jewellery.


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