Jewelry Apps

Best Apps for Buying Jewelry

Visiting the physical market to buy or window-shop stunning jewelry is a thing of the past. Nowadays, all you need is your smartphone or tablet computer running either iOS or Android. You can install a jewelry mobile app in your smartphone to enhance your jewelry customization and buying experience. These apps are user-friendly and extremely helpful for any jewelry lover.

Following are some of the best mobile apps for buying jewelry:

  • Brian Gavin Diamond App

If you are into stylish loose diamond rings, then this app is highly recommended for you. On this app, you gain access to a huge collection of fine jewelry. Brian Gavin Diamond mobile app basically links you with the Brian Gavin’s team that is ready to help you find and choose the best-in-class designs of diamond jewelry. No matter whether you are looking for a necklace or some other piece of jewelry, you will find this app quite enjoyable to use. Brian Gavin Diamond app makes it easy for you to search and browse loose diamonds, check recent updates and news, find amazing offers, and choose customized options.

Jewelry Apps
  • FLP Jewelry App

FLP Jewelry app is for you if you like hand-crafted jewelry pieces. FLP Jewelry mobile app brings a huge selection of fine jewelry showcasing unique designs and varied styles. If you find a piece that suits your taste and matches your personality, then you can go right ahead and place the order as its quite easy to do thanks to the shopping cart feature of the app. You can buy your favorite piece instantly via the purchase button.

Jewelry Apps
  • Kay Jewelers

Kay Jewelers is one of the top specialty jewelry brands of the United States. The Kay Jewelers app allows you to take a look inside the offline store and browse wide variety of fine jewelry pieces. With Kay Jewelers app, you can ship your favorite fine jewelry right from your smartphone. The overall interface of the app is user-friendly which makes it easy for you to find and choose what you consider the best. Apart from this, you can even determine your ring size thanks to the amazing ring sizer feature of this mobile app. Simply browse, choose, and buy all from the app. You don’t need to visit a physical Kay Jeweler store. Still, if you want to visit it, then you can use the app’s built-in store locator feature.

Jewelry Apps
  • Voylla: Fashion Jewelry Shopping App

Voylla: Fashion Jewelry Shopping app has gained a lot of popularity since its release. This is because the app allows you to browse more than 45,000 fine jewelry designs in addition to choosing the different filters during search. Thanks to these filters and customizations, you will find exactly what you are looking for e.g. bangles, chains, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc. Simply specify what you want to buy and the mobile app will provide you with numerous applicable options. The app is user-friendly, responsive, and secure as any piece of jewelry you buy is ordered through a secure payment provider.